Cohana Seki mini scissors – Winter Gold


Released Winter 2020 and in limited supply…

Winter is drawing near in our part of the world, so what better way to welcome winter into your homes than with the 2020 Limited Edition Winter Gold collection by Cohana! This special themed collection contains beautiful, high-quality crafting accessories designed to invite crafters into the world of winter by combining the elegant beauty of snow with the graceful shine of gold.

Cohana’s beautiful and highly practical Seki mini scissors are produced by the Hasegawa Cutlery company. To use these spring-loaded scissors, simply take the handle between two fingers, and press softly to cut fabric or threads. Each pair of soft-coloured Winter Gold Seki mini scissors comes with a small protective leather case, making it the ideal travel-companion. A handmade, sparkling gold tassel with a silky sheen certainly adds a wonderful finishing touch! Each pair of scissors measures 35mm long, 22mm wide, and 12mm thick.

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