Sewing Needle Case – Atlantic Teal


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Like our Mini Sewing Needle Case, only bigger and better.

We’ve all been there; you’re sewing a button and you have your thread but can’t find your needle, or you’re finally ready to take up that pair of trousers you’ve been putting off for weeks and you’ve got your needle and thread, but can’t for the life of you locate your stitch unpicker. Frustrating, right? Thankfully, the Sewing Needle Case means you can keep all your sewing supplies in one beautiful leather pouch

Perfect for sewers, but also knitters and craft enthusiasts alike, the Sewing Needle Case has multiple pockets to give you the ultimate amount of storage for your craft supplies. It features 1 main section, perfect for sewing essentials such as small stork scissors, stitch unpickers and mending thread cards, but you also have the benefit of 2 additional smaller pockets on the front which can hold needle packs, sewing machine needles and buttons plus a felt insert for carrying all your loose sewing needles, darning needles, dressmaking pins, t pins, etc too.

Every item in our Crafters Collection is handmade in our studio in West Cornwall using a high quality, Italian leather. We cut out the pieces of leather and the felt for each pouch before sewing all the pieces together by machine. It’s finished with a metalli stud to fasten it shut.


The Sewing Needle Case measures at 11.5cm wide and 6.5cm tall.


Each leather pouch is carefully crafted using high quality Italian leather which we are proud to source locally from a supplier here in England. The Sewing Needle Case also features a felt insert for needle storage and is finished with a minimalist metallic stud for fastening.